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  • Xou Xiong

    Wow!!!! I saw that Vestas to create 1,350 jobs to go green, what interest me is the Brighton, CO. plant. How do we find out the qualification to apply for the jobs and what route to take? Thanks.

    • http://Yahoo John R. Urban

      Am going to school to get recertified in welding, I would love to be part of your team in the wind energy plant in Brighton.

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  • edward livengood

    i could use a job at the plant

  • http://yahoo adrian tovar

    I’ve bening trying to get employment with the company but every were I turn to I get turnned down. I took a course regarding these new and improved technalagy which got my intereste in changing my carreer or carreers. I successfully completed these course with a certificate and I also got my GED durning these course. Which I believe is some kind of dedication in begin a good canidate for a chance for employment with your company. Thank you For your time

  • Vincent Martinez

    I was present for the representation at the fair grounds.
    Awsome job guys. you kept my interest to the last speaker.
    I submitted my application the next day. I would love to be a team member and a Lean experienced candidate.
    Thank you for putting hope back in the eyes of Colorado.

  • http://facebookspage.com Alejandro Leiter

    interesting take on the subject, count me as a new subscriber!