• http://thealternativeenergyinvestor.blogspot.com Ray The Money Man

    Living out west I have no concept of having to go offshore. But whatever we need to do I guess! Get er’ done!

  • Uncle B

    Post (GRD) great republican depression America will be energy independent, and use the power it gets from solar, wind, tides and waves in much less wasteful ways. We will all have solar, battery installations for lighting using LEDs in our homes and “redesigned for natural lighting” offices. Advances in food preparation and storage will put new low power microwave cooking in the forefront in homes. Solar oriented homes for passive solar heating, with massive super-insulation and ground heat storage will replace nonsensical multi-room McMansions. The energy required for daily living in these post GRD homes will be so dramatically lower, Solar, wind, wave and ground heat will quite adequately provide it, and for free, leaving line power for industry and electric car battery charging! Currently we waste all of this power, and are sliding towards bankruptcy daily! Turning the “status quo” around will result from the pressure applied to the American soul by the GRD. Wind farms, first, off-shore, not to offend the nimbys, then commonplace in all advantageous spots, to satisfy societies demands, will flourish in the face of $20.00bbl oil, once its carcinogenic and political natures are fully understood by everyone with children of soldiering age, and wind will reign clean and supreme!

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  • california assisted living

    Renewable energy is the wave of the future. Wind farms, solar, wave energy

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