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    The need for fresh water will continue to grow, and a portion of that need will need to come from seawater. Any improvement in the energy efficiency of this process is welcome news!

  • ahmed


    i will like to more about this breakthrough- especially how many cubic of water is possible via this EO.

  • Uncle B

    Couple this technology with the “Pebble Bed” high efficiency reactors from China’s Tsinghua University and we have a beginnings of hope for mankind in dry regions! Add to this the proper agricultural practices, recycling of sewage products, and careful selection of residents for light weight bodied vegans, and we have the makings of an almost perpetual society for sunny desert regions near the seashores – the right Capitalists, Corporatists with the right spin on this could retail these “Health-spa” berths for a pretty penny, as well as vend ‘organic” products, etc., and finance the whole thing right in California for example, where “Pot” is soon to be legal, another plus for ‘green-dreamers’ Imagine the cash flow! Imagine the rising real estate prices for the original developers as things got underway! the veggies and fruit sales to the North! Gold Mine!

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    A worldwide solution to safe, clean drinking water is something we desperately need. I hope this technology get put to use in the coming years to ensure we all have access to fresh clean water.