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    While it as it has taken the scientific community some time to demonstrate that climate change is a very real issue, it’s interesting to note that the die hard disbelievers are still out there spreading lies and actually taking the stance that it’s okay to increase our level of pollution – stockpiling SUVs.

  • juandos

    Its a sad situation when a supposedly grown man like the person calling himself, ‘Global Patriot‘ whines on about something he knows less than nothing about…

    One can’t help but wonder if this foolish ‘Global Patriot‘ is a victim of years of abuse in the government run madrassas (a.k.a. public schools)?

    Climate Change Fraud

    Climate Change Fraud (CCF) is dedicated to debunking, reviewing, and responding to the shrill cries of the media and the global warming zealots who have embraced anthropogenic global warming (AGW) as an eco-religion and not as a scientific endeavor for answers. This site does not dispute that global temperatures have increased, on average less than 1°C, over the past 100 years. What CCF does seek to do is repudiate the consensus that the cause is man-made and the principal culprit is CO2, through facts, articles, and other sources not readily available in the mainstream media. One goal is to deconstruct the AGW myth propagated by ex-VP-turned-green activist Al Gore and the highly political IPCC.

    Ignoring Science

    A new scientific paper says that man has had little or nothing to do with global temperature variations. Maybe the only place it’s really getting hotter is in Al Gore’s head.

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