• http://www.greenmeetup.com Robb

    I agree with the brief assessment from Slate. This bill/project/initiative is already dead in the water, to the detriment of us all. Everyone can agree that we need to expand healthcare and fix our broken system. That’s a given. Can you imagine how hard it’s going to be when you face a visceral, inane backlash against environmentalism from the right? They have zero incentive (in terms of constituent support) to back any legislation that’s going to further raise costs on Americans. Sad, really.

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  • Levi Novey

    I’m not as pessimistic, Robb. Perhaps I should be, but the Dems really don’t need the Republicans to support health care reform or environmental legislation for that matter. The only problem is that they don’t seem to have the guts (yet) to go it alone. President Obama is right to try to involve them initially– but if they don’t get on board and are a distraction they should be left in the dust.

  • El Pearl

    As long as people keep believing what the polls tell them to think we won’t get any where with climate change.