• Ron Beaty

    As a colonial-rooted Cape Cod native who firmly believes in the sanctity of our maritime heritage, I am writing to ardently express my steadfast support for the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound. Based upon sensible logic, data and reasoning, I am also conversely opposed to the controversial Cape Wind Project which seeks to despoil and rob us of the pristine nautical legacy bestowed by our forefathers. As a result of the likely profound damaging regional financial, ecological and public safety consequences Cape Wind would wrought upon us all, it should not be allowed to proceed forward to fruition.

    The project poses a cogent danger to essential air and sea navigation. Siting the project in Nantucket Sound is a breach of the public trust. Contrary to their sham claims, the cost of the electricity which the project will produce would not be cheap or competitive. It would be an unbearable fiscal burden hoisted upon us without our sanction or consent. Furthermore, it will represent a deleterious local economic blow by it’s absconding of undeserved taxpayer-funded subsidies, forced real estate devaluations, and lost revenues from commercial and tourism activities. The proposed one hundred thirty wind turbines will perpetually cause unsightly visual contamination and distressing noise pollution. Finally, Cape Wind will unnecessarily endanger a critical marine and wildlife habitat.

    With the aforesaid thoughtful rationales in mind, along with the inherently unfair and inequitable nature of the proposed Cape Wind Project itself, it must not become a reality which will forever doom our children and grandchildren to a ghastly socially inhumane legacy.

  • Timothy B. Hurst

    Ron- My first thought after reading your comment was to reply by thanking you for the time and effort you obviously put into crafting it – even though I disagree with it on just about every front. That was until I saw that you left the same exact comment on another post here at ecopolitology, as well as on other sites.

    So, instead of replying to yours with a well-reasoned and properly-cited comment of my own, I decided to save my energy and ask that you don’t spread your spam around here with the same-old comment you’ve left everywhere else.

    So, if you find the time to write an original comment and not a rehashed version of a comment you’re likely spreading all over the internet, I’ll consider rethinking my decision.

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