• Paige

    Lies! This pie chart brought to you by the same people who brought you the [now debunked] hockey stick graph!

  • Timothy B. Hurst

    I’m not sure which part you are calling lies – My reporting on the results of a poll of 27,000 people; BBC/GlobeScan’s data; or the 27,000 people themselves?

    Public opinion polling rarely “lies” – I’m not even sure if it’s possible for a poll to lie. Doesn’t lying require agency?

  • neal

    Now that UEA e-mail scandal have shown that there is a lot of dirty work going on in the “climate science” world, I just don’t know if I believe all this alarmist stuff anymore.

    What if you have a doctor who is telling you that you need expensive and risky surgery for a condition that you are unsure about, and every time you discuss a 2nd opinion he steers you to other “experts” (his buddies) who tell you the same thing (you really need that surgery, your time is up, don’t bother to keep asking questions, you just gotta do it RIGHT NOW, time is up!).

    Then right before the surgery, you find out that for years the doctor has been kind of a shady player in all the journal publishing he has done, that the “experts” he steered you to are in cahoots in the shady journal articles, and that the supposed grave condition is just possibly a figment of this whole bamboozlement, since the doctor and his shady “experts” have been taking money for years to promote their agenda.

    In fact, it is even worse: There is evidence that this shady doc and his cronies have for YEARS been covering up and supressing other opinions, trying to drive all the research money to their own little cabal.

    I think you would be right to be very suspicious of this doctor, would postpone the risky surgery, until you could do some more reasearch.

    And it might be a VERY good idea to STOP LISTENING TO THE SHADY DOCTOR who has a nasty habit of fudging the data for his own purposes!

    All of the “consensus” opinion on AGW is a crock! It has been built up over time by a core of dedicated scam artists, who should NOT be trusted for anything.

    Now, do you feel like a fool, or what?

  • neal

    Comment per your reply to Paige above:

    The point here is that public opinion has for years been steered by a bunch of suspect men. Now the cat is out of the bag, how can we trust them at all? Why shoudl be continue to belive ANYTHING they have published, until it has been reviewed and deeply analysed?

    So public opinion is based on a possible scame of huge proportions. Time to put on the brakes and take a long hard look at this so-called “climate science”.

    If the “science” is real, then wating another year while it is reviewed will not hurt anything……just forget the alarmist view (ie, “we have to do someting NOW, stop asking questions, just DO WHAT I SAY RIGHT NOW”) and lets take some time to review this new information on a very objective basis.

  • DavidC

    Quite interesting that the Nielsen internet poll was so different. I suspect it’s going to be a result of how easy it is for the Deniers – or anyone – to game online polls.

    @Paige: your hat is on too tight.

  • http://planetpixelemporium.com James Hastings-Trew

    Really? 89% of people in China say “sure, whatever the government wants” when polled. I’m shocked.

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  • http://www.focusprints.co.uk USB people

    I think there is alot of public concern about climate change but the powers that be are sat on so much black tape or cant be bothered to address this important issue and concentrate on lining their pockets instead.
    At the end of the day we have 1 planet, 1 ozone layer and 1 chance to do something about it. Eco cars and other ideas are good but probably way too expensive to buy for the average person and we’re not exactly anywhere close to finding sustainable life on other planets… we cock up this one and everything goes!!

  • http://www.fabulousweddingboutique.co.uk wedding dresses derby

    i agree with the post above, government really arent doing enough quickly enough, ozone layer is depleting. here in the uk the weather has changed so much and around the world there are more and more economic disasters… tsunamis etc