• zach

    great piece. the lives of traditional farmers that GM crops are ruining (hundreds of Indian farmers even committing suicide: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/01/14/Everything-you-MUST-KNOW-About-Dangerous-Genetically-Modified-Foods.aspx), the various health problems they are creating (look at the same link above), and the drastic effects it looks like they could have on the food systems we rely on should be plenty to get the Supreme Court to stand up against Big Ag. hopefully, they will do it.

    • Becky Striepe

      Thanks, Zach! I hope you’re right!!

  • Joseph Schmoetz

    If they haven’t infiltrated the supreme court.. this is a classic case of corporatism, where the FDA is run by ex-monsanto executives with lasting ties. Bring down Monsanto, someone.

  • Susan Anthony

    It is my understanding that “mon santo” actually stands for “my satan”. Their
    demonic activity in forcing U.S. farmers out of business through the court system
    by alleging the American farmers had seed on the farmer’s own land that contained
    one of their (Monsanto’s) genetic traits. Any idiot worth half their salt knows that
    the wind blows pollen all over the place.
    What idiot on the Supreme Court would allow a monopoly on food by this
    dervish company. Yes folks, Monsanto is the same company that made AGENT
    TO MONSANTO” and watch it. You can watch it for free by looking through google.

    If someone would pay for my to go back to graduate school, I bet I would be a heck
    of an environmental lawyer for the GOOD OLD AMERICAN PEOPLE. I wouldn’t mind
    taking on stupid, megalithic, selfish monstrosities like mon santo.

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