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    Thanks for this great article, Dave.

    I would like to express my views about one particular portion of the article. Carbon tax would be much more simpler and effective way of capping carbon emissions but the name ‘carbon tax’ is certainly not helpful. Cap-and-Trade has become a business rather than a tool to cap emissions.

    I attended a presentation by the carbon trading division head at JP Morgan last week. when a fellow student asked him about the effectiveness of carbon trading with respect to environmental benefits, sadly he was unable to provide a satisfactory answer.

    Whatever be the scheme to reduce carbon emissions it must be simple, should effectively reduce emissions, transparent only then the general public can understand its importance. Emission reduction is not only important for mitigating the adverse impacts of climate change but also improve the air quality.

    Public support for reducing carbon emissions and expanding renewable energy infrastructure is essential and people would not support anything that is not simple and transparent. Therefore, we need to develop a simpler method of capping carbon emissions and stop it from becoming a business-centered thing.

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    “With a little effort and focus, they argued, Obama could marshal the arguments, beat back the opposition, and move the needle of public opinion.”
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    Yes, this would be relatively easy if we had 60 good Democratic Senators. But we don’t. We only have betwen 49-55 depending on the issues.
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    Remember there’s a whole ‘nother political party out there with 41 Senators that has climate change denialism as a principal pillar of their existence.

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