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    It is really necessary because otherwise people in this world might not survive in the near future. Your facts were awesome and I am sure that in the future everyone will agree with your facts for the benefit of mankind and environment. I think every organization should follow the Cap and Trade Facts.

  • http://www.climakind.com Michael Salvatico

    Finally someone else who realises the benefits of a cap and trade (Emissions Trading Scheme). A well designed Cap and Trade has been shown to be an effective solution. We have talked around the pros and cons of cap and trade, tax and now Hansen’s fee and dividend.

    Let’s stop the political squabling and scaremongering and get on with a globally accepted solution. Sure it’s not perfect but it’s the best we have. Like Churchill said in reference to democracy, it’s the worst form of government…but it’s the best we have. We urgently need a solution. Let’s get on with it!

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