• Zach

    Great post, Tim. Saw this on Climate Progress as well, but nicely shared in a concise, simple way for more readers. Good stuff.

    The fact that we step outside & it’s cold (for those of us in those areas) & we then think that proves decades of in-depth climate science wrong is either funny or sad or some combination, but I am leaning towards sad these days with the great assault that is occurring on credible science and scientists and the way most of the media is picking it up.

    Thanks for this post.

  • Nel

    This is another good post Tim. I think we must really start to care for the environment before it’s too late to change our lifestyle. To limit of carbon footprints, we must find ways to efficiently conserve our energy consumption. If you go to http://www.Tintbuyer.com and get totally independent quotes for solar control window film, you will find that people can reduce consumption without any visual effect on their windows for much less than other energy saving technologies. Window tint is one great “green product” readily available in the market. It is cost-effective, energy-efficient and above all, it is eco-friendly.

  • Uncle B

    Cutting CO2 will help, and Tsinghue University in China has developed a high efficiency “Pebble Bed” reactor that for a given fuel input/waste output gives a much larger energy output than American designs!This breakthrough in design engineering is just the tip of the iceberg! China has amazing nuclear electricity powered electric bullet train networks up and running! Not dependent on fossil fuels, or oil of any sort, and 400% more efficient than rubber-wheeled transportation found in the U.S.A.! China’s engineers and scientists are financed by corporatists capitalists and communists looking beyond the grip of Middle East oil on world economies, and they have had successes! Is America, stubborn in it’s ways, still using “Imperial Measures over metric, still locked in the “Oil paradigm” bound to be the bigger polluter of the atmosphere in the near future? Yes! China sees it’s coal as finite and prepares to go Solar and Wind, Tidal and Hydro, and builds new reactors ten at a time! These efforts will reduce CO2 and increase energy supplies for China – Just what is America doing? Will we be buying from a nuclear fueled producers marketplace with oil based dollars? Not a good scenario for American consumers at all! Time to “Pull the Plug” America! Time to cut CO2 , time to develop clean energy sources, time to re-think the nuclear issue and time to stop dreaming about fusion and outer space and worry more about atmospheric space – the one we breath – even China sees the light!

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