• http://www.levinovey.com Levi Novey

    Ah, the ozone layer. Such a relevant environmental issue these days. And hairspray Mr. Trump? Really, never would have guessed you used it. :)

  • Joshua Kelly

    Another quote from Donald Trump…”You know they’re all talk”…. No Mr. Trump, YOU’RE all talk. And not even intelligent talk. Just self focused, self absorbed, uneducated talk. Perhaps part of global warming is due in part to the copious amounts of hot air spewing from that hole in your face. My suggestion, plug the hole.

    Your environmental strategies are the same as your financial ones; quick, easy, and fast, but in long run completely unsustainable. Hey my business doesn’t work, I declare bankruptcy, I need more energy I’ll turn to coal and oil fuels! Who cares how it works in the long run. I’m rich and happy!


  • Phil

    Gore is a fraud and should be stripped of his Nobel. Its like giving a Nobel to George Lucas for Star Wars…. Pure insanity. Only Gore’s lie threatens us all

    • Joshua Kelly

      Sorry you’re so angry about Gore and Lucas winning the nobel prize phil! If you want I’ll suggest that you should serve on the Nobel nominating committee, no wait, I’ll make the suggestion that YOU should be the whole committee since clearly you have more wisdom and clarity than a whole committee of world respected leaders. Just let me know where to send the letter!

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Gore globalist

    I can’t believe Donald Trump would say that. At least he backtracked. Al Gore certainly deserves the Nobel Prize for countering all the naysayers with scientifically backed reasoning. The planet is experiencing a crisis and we need all the rational voices to rise from the din that we can.