• maddog

    They were never anywhere near any kind of agreement in Copenhagen. China and India will never stop economic growth; it is politically impossible. The USA will never allow their country to be trammelled by other countries or entities, it is against their constitution; even Obama can’t put that one over.

    So it seems that the warming alarmists are trying what worked in Europe–keep pushing even though the citizenry dislike and don’t believe. The alarmists may even push something through, but look what is happening in Europe even now with the meltdown of Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy. The problem there has been covered with a band-aid but it is still festering.

    India and China will never keep any such agreement, neither will France or Germany. And the citizenry of the USA will revolt, as they are doing now with the medical care fraud, but if energy prices go up, there will be serious armed revolt.