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  • http://www.iwalkiwrite.com/ Alex

    I know I am not qualified in economics or energy production/management, but it has always astounded me that we chose to destroy and burn up the very planet we live on instead of harnessing the renewable sources of energy that have moved the earth since…well, I’m not cosmologist/historian either, so, I’ll stick with….way back!

    Thanks for this informative piece!

  • Uncle B

    America! Land of corporatist ravage and rape! Why should coal be any different? You can’t have your cake and eat it too? Why the Hell not? It is the “American Way” – we will destroy our land and Iraq and Afghanistan and anything we want to – we have the ‘Bomb”: license to flex our muscle and destroy the world. It is our God given right! We are so superior in race and breed as to have domain over all! We are a “Super Power” and we consume over 80% of the worlds resources just to maintain our status quo! Even among our own ranks, some fall away, out of the light of privilege, and we disdain them and the American Medical Cartel destroys them for sins such as unemployment by refusing them humane medical care! This “Cleansing” of our population , and the genetically selective nature of our armed forces enlistment process has made us a select elite. We are the survivors of the process, the winners! the “Chosen Ones” and we deserve, Hell, no; Demand the spoils! We promise to all who come to us: to join us, all one has to do is jump through the same, fair and just, mire of hoops, and we will grant you privilege! Fair? I think so! Coal, clean or not, is the fuel of our power, along with oil and nuclear fission. We require energy to thrive and will take it any way we can get it, and kill all who oppose us with brutal Military efficiency, justified by knowing we have the right to survive as we are, unchanged, forever, on earth, God said so! We are the new “Chosen Ones”!Even great mountains bow down before us!