• John Smith

    Considering that a lot of sex offenders aren’t really sex offenders (i.e. teenagers who’ve taken stupid pics of themselves and sent it to classmates, 19 year old sleeping with 16 year old GF, man who’s been tricked by a underage girl with fake ID, etc.), maybe these places are the only place where they can get a chance to work.

    Places like Dade County, Florida have re-zoned their entire area to prevent anyone registered as a sex offender from living there, so much so that they literally live under a bridge.

    Maybe these people can get a 2nd chance living someplace where they only judge you by the work you do.

    • Gonzobot

      My thoughts exactly. More ‘advanced’ cities tend to be more conservative as well, leading to problems like entire encampments of ‘sex offenders’ living under bridges because there is no other legal place in the city for them to call home, due to the city’s own laws on where they may or may not reside with regards to schools or playgrounds. Couple that with the fact that a TWELVE YEAR OLD can be labeled as a sex offender for life for doing things that come naturally to twelve year olds (such as playing doctor with the neighbor, which used to be a learning experience but is now for some reason a terrible danger to society?), and you have a REALLY messed up society.

      You can find rapists living next to schoolteachers in these ‘camps’. They aren’t allowed to have jobs without permanent addresses, they aren’t allowed to have a home anywhere in the city, they aren’t able to eat because they have no income – because SOMEBODY ELSE decided that THEY WERE BAD ONCE.

      The sex offender system in America is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen in my life – its almost as if they are trying to prevent the next generation from even being born! And for what, Christianity? Nonsense. There is no point to any of it – rapists still abound, children are still abducted, teenagers are still having sex, and meanwhile there are lives being ruined daily while millions of dollars is thrown gleefully down the drain. Money gone, problems remain, unhappy people in all corners. USA! USA! USA!

  • Dan Nutt

    Intereting article, but I find “40% test positive for cocaine or marijuana” a bit of a vague statistic as proof for a lawless town.

    It’s a bit like saying 40% have had a verbal warning from police or been convicted of GBH – the lesser “crime” being I’m sure more prevalent but boosting the overall percentage for what seems like a more damning statistic…

    Also I wonder what the numbers would be in even a more socially developed town (especially one with a high number of students – probably those towns that are considered most developed) if you lumped cocaine and marijuana together.

  • E

    This is kind of obvious. Sex offenders aren’t going to be able to get jobs in the recreation industry, and, as John said, many towns have zoning restrictions prohibiting sex offenders from living near things like parks. As far as agricultural towns, how many jobs are actually there? So, where would you live, somewhere where you can get a job or someplace you can’t?

  • Tom

    Most “sex offenders” are not offenders at all. They are poor dudes who got caught in the idiotic hysterical witch hunt that seems to have taken hold of this country.

    One study after another shows that most sex offenders are completely harmless (the overwhelming majority are john’s and teenagers having consensual sex). Also, crime statistics show that sex offender registration has no effect on crime rates.

    Someone should ask the question: how many innocent men’s lives are ruined, and how many victims are saved by these laws? Does the cost justify the benefit?