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    Amazingly, you do seem totally oblivious to the irony of your post, despite assertions to the contrary.

    To hold up Joe Romm as someone to set “the record a bit straighter” is laughable. He is not a communicator; he is a propagandist. His method is to obscure and divert the discussion about the underlying science, not to uncover the truth.

    After years of such heavy-handed tactics on the part of Romm and other climate alarmists, a little over-the-top pushback is not entirely unwarranted.

    Maybe once the dust settles we can begin anew and have an honest conversation about both the science and what we can reasonably do about it. Somehow I doubt it.

    Romm, Gore, et al have too much skin in this game. I am sure they will fight to the end even if they are totally discredited.