• Alex

    “What is your office to reduce energy use, cut waste and make it a healthier environment for everyone who works there?”

    I work freelance from a home office. I purchased my laptop second-hand in order to limit my impact on the environment. I also use 100% recycled printer paper, reuse ink cartridges, use CFL lights, and my desk is littered with empty glasses from vegan green smoothies. If I worked for a company, I would suggest similar measures for their office.

    I am a fan of Ecopolitology, Earth & Industry and Treehumper on Facebook. I appreciate the level-headed commentary from the first two and the humbling and hilarious self-parody of the last.

  • Diana Smith Hill

    I’m a new fan of Treehumper, Ecopolitology and Earth and Industry on facebook and I am getting their feeds! I’m sharing this post with my facebook friends as well.. I am Diana Smith Hill on facebook and here is the link to sharing this contest on my profile http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1082941524&v=wall&story_fbid=119899851353893&ref=mf. I learned allot about the New HP 8000f Elite Ultra Slim Desktop and the HP Compaq LA22f Widescreen LCD Monitor. My old Compaq Presario is a power hog and this is just what I need to use less energy and green this part of my life.. which is huge since I live on my computer! It’s just what I have been wanting! It’s perfect since it the Desktop has an 87% efficient power supply and the Monitor is up to a 40% reduction in power consumption!! It’s also packaged with 100% recyclable cardboard! Based on this information I could achieve my goal to reduce power up to 60 percent this year! This is our goal for the year 2010!

  • http://vizzulartz.com sara

    It is nice to see a product like this available. I am currently pregnant with my first child and am working on making a conscious effort to reduce/eliminate the toxins that enter into my home and work environment. I like the fact that this computer offers a greener choice than what is on the market, but what I like most of all is that this computer is free of BFRs and PVC. Computers and technology are one area that lack sustainable options, hopefully additional tech. companies will step up to the plate and produce even more greener computing choices.

  • http://www.calfinder.com/blog Brittany Mauriss

    Hi, I’m Brittany and I subscribed to Ecopolitology on Facebook. This PC is amazing… it’s sleek, smaller and requires fewer parts for manufacturing, thus cutting down on pollution and waste at the production and shipping levels. This could help my office go green in a number of ways. If we worked on these rather than the old Dells we use, we’d require much less electricity to power up. This model comes with a 135W external 87% efficient power supply — totally advanced for its processor capabilities. And it’s powerful. Not to mention the fact that we’d spend a lot less time rebooting and trying to rid our PCs of web viruses… it’d be nice to have a smoother workflow.

    Brilliant post and contest idea. Thanks so much for your consideration.

  • Felicia Allegra Peck

    I”m a fan of ecopolitology on facebook – I like how it keeps me posted on all the enviro stuff – not just “news” but social/business happenings that matter too. I am a grad student so I’m constantly on my computer. At the graduate lab in my department the computers are not only slow, there left on all the time. They constantly hum and their fans are always on. However, most of them are usually broken and won’t even log on to the internet half the time: they’re not even useful so they’re just there sucking electricity. Especially in offices where computers are shared and so they are left on all the time, this HP computer would be a good way to cut down on wasted energy.

  • http://ecopolitology.org Timothy B. Hurst

    Thanks for your input, everyone, good stuff. Entries will be accepted until 6 p.m. PDT on Thursday April 22. And the winner will actually be drawn on Friday morning some time. Stay tuned to this thread for updates.

  • http://ecopolitology.org Timothy B. Hurst

    Okay, the drawing will be broadcast live from Earth & Industry/West in Colorado on Friday at 1:30pm EDT/10:30 am PDT at:


    Please join me and my newbie broadcasting skills, won’t you?

  • http://www.calfinder.com/blog Brittany

    Hi again! I’m at work and missed the broadcast — will you announce the winner here as well? Cheers!

  • http://ecopolitology.org Timothy B. Hurst

    The winner: Felicia Allegra Peck