• Alex

    I am interested in winning a copy of this movie on DVD. However I would much prefer the HP computer you are also giving away.

  • W. Robert Black

    I missed the movie aired on our local e-tv tonight, but reviews seem to indicate it’s focus is upon ‘politics’ being the cure for the malady, while in fact, it has been it’s cause. Witness, that the epic 1938 Yearbook of Agriculture entitled “Soils and Men” devoted less than 25 of its more than 1200 pages specifically to a section called “The Soil and the Law”; today, this would be reversed (and no doubt ‘politics’ would be credited with keeping things from being worse). And that section closed with a warning of the ills that would follow if the relation between soils and men became more politicized. It was not unlike Eisenhower’s farewell address warning of the economic chaos that an entrenched intellectual-military-industrial complex (although little is made of the first) would bring. That Yearbook was edited and written largely by scientists. It was addressed to farmers. Neither of these groups have much perceived need to heed such warnings, for both live by a common creed, “Nature, to be controlled, must be obeyed”; they were for the rest of us, of whom few have paid attention.

    I became aware of the problem at an early age by having a father (a farmer) who seemed preoccupied with turning “dirt” back into soil, and I focused upon it in my early teens when I prepared a competitive 4-H club presentation entitled, “Your Three Acres” . Some 20 years later, I heeded Eisenhower’s warning when I quit my career (government sponsored – politicized) as a laboratory soil scientist/geologist after realizing there was no alternative to being “part of the problem or part of the solution”. More recently, I have returned to my roots and have, intellectually at least, dwelled upon the ‘problem’. Thus, I too, would like to win a copy of “Dirt. The Movie” for my reference library.