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  • http://www.ecokaren.com karen

    Earth Day should not become another Labor Day or Memorial Day. If we make it a federal holiday, it will just become another holiday for big corp.’s to have sales with advertising gimmicks for more consumerism. It already is becoming like a national holiday with companies marketing to people to buy useless stuff with “Earth Day” blazing across on them..totally opposite of what Earth Day is all about.

  • Jane Knight

    Earth Day should be observed on April 22, not the third Monday of April, and should be an International holiday sanctioned by the United Nations like New Year’s Day (January 1). It’s time President Obama and Hillary Clinton made this proposal known to the UN.

  • http://iamthatiam-kp.blogspot.com/ Kelsea

    I couldn’t agree more!! Let’s rally and make Earth Day a national holiday. The Earth provides everything we need for LIFE ITSELF yet we forget this simple fact. How could life as we know it exist without our Earth? This planet provides for us in abundance as long as we treat it with respect. Seriously, this holiday deserves WAY more recognition and I’m willing to fight for the cause. Thanks for this article. I’m glad some one else out there feels the same way.