• Brian

    A few things I must point out. First, people don’t have to “sneak” up to the oil rigs, they are popular to fish under and around. There are actual videos and photos of fishermen that were under it when the explosions began. Next, yes they do work closely toghether and know each other, but they usually work 2-3 month shifts and so someone could get a job there if they had a connection. Rush Limbaugh makes it sound crazy because he’s crazy but it is very plausible. There were 6 different shut off valves and not one worked….

  • http://ecopolitology.org Timothy B. Hurst

    Brian – Any chance you have links to those “videos and photos of fishermen that were under it when the explosion began”?

  • http://FB Tracy Sysk

    Have you heard of the supposed sabotage by N. Korean sub launched from cuba? I read about it in European Union Times online. I though it was outlandish…supposedly the rig was blasted by 2 torpedo’s. Then later that night on one of the news stationsI heard one of the rig survivors say he was awoken from the sound of 2 sepearate explosions…it made me think of the report I read…then they siad it was sunk by the submarine suicide mission…..I have aso read it was sunk by all the water from the firefighting effort….why is it so hard to get any reliable new these days?

  • http://FB Tracy Sysk
  • http://FB tracy sysk

    Me again….Ok so finding one of fishers under the deepwater horizon is another story…however I did find one about deep sea divers spear fishing under rigs! yikes! ~Learn something new every day!
    Here’s an interesting local (to me) news blog I just found..although it’s a conservative writer…don’t know if you read those at all..

  • Cathy Vitale

    Get a grip. Just like a crime scene you have to consider all possiblites. So Rush’s comments are viable. No harm in that. We all thought the same thing. Especially with the wackos suggesting that we stop drilling.
    They need to keep drilling close to shore so that it can be safely controlled and monitored.

    • http://ecopolitology.org Timothy B. Hurst


      Who’s the “we all” you are speaking for when you write:

      “We all thought the same thing.”