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    I agree with Timothy B. Hurst. PBS’s program on the CCC was spell binding. The correlation between today and the depression is powerful. Having the men send $25.00 back to their family was genius! The work the men did was a gift to our nation but the long range value, in my opinion, was the pride each men acquired, for their country, for newly learned skills, teaching these men to read and write and the cooperation learned by working with all races and learning to respect others.

    Obama should have taken notes from FDR. To stimulate spending, start with the masses, not at the top with Industry and Banks! Banks aren’t loaning nor has Industry stimulated spending at a ratio anywhere near the 5 to 1 that CCC accomplished.

  • carver

    My father was a director of a CCC camp for several years. His recollections of that time always stuck with me. The CCC participants not only protected our environment (check dams, fire access roads, fire fighting) but created things that are still with us today, .
    I live 10 miles from Red Rocks Amphitheatre, when I was a bit younger I rode my bike to Red Rocks every other day, weather permitting, and I’ve enjoyed concerts of many artist in its unique environment.
    There are a multitude of tasks that need to be done in our national forests, parks, landmarks, and historical sites, most require few, if any, skills. Federal dollars would be well spent on programs such as the CCC and WPA.
    The programs taught skills, engendered pride of accomplishment among the participants and gave them a sense of ownership in their country.

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