• carver

    Crude oil is fungible:, a barrel of West Texas or North slope crude oil is fungible (direct exchange) with another barrel of the same type and grade of oil. As such there is no intrinsic value to US citizens of extracting our oil except for the profitability that would accrue to the corporation with the drilling rights – BP, Conoco, whoever.
    Palin isn’t interested in US energy independence she is interested in the most money in the shortest time and screw anything that hinders that ends. She’s also as dumb as a rock.

    • traffikator

      >>She’s also as dumb as a rock.<<< ??? I beg to differ. Rocks or "rock" do have value!

  • showme69


    Do you know anything about ANWR? Probably not considering you made the idiotic statement, “…ruining the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for a minimal amount of oil…”.

    Drilling would be on 2,000 acres within ANWR – itself 19.5 million acres in size. And could produce 15 billion gallons of oil annually. And your article is trying to say Palin is stupid. LOL. Nice try.

    Not to mention, the U.S. didn’t acquired Alaska from Russia for it’s scenic beauty. Part of the reason was natural resources. We need to exploit those resources in a responsible manner, not let them sit there as we continue to be held hostage by dictatorial countries over oil.

    Try to at least do a couple minutes of research on a topic before you try to write about it.

    • Zachary Shahan


      did you not notice th link in that text? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4542853/

      have you not looked into this issue yourself and found out that drilling in ANWR will do very little to reduce our dependence on foreign oil?

      • showme69

        And your point is? No one has ever tried to say ANWR is the single answer to our energy needs. That’s a lame liberal tactic to divert attention from the main point that there is no good reason not to drill in ANWR. Just because it doesn’t fix the entire problems is not a rational excuse not to drill. You need to come up with better arguments than a grade schooler on this one.

        What we need to do is drill anywhere we can, there’s the oil shale in the west, that the government has been trying to insure we aren’t able to get, off our west coast, east coast, more in the gulf, etc.

        I just watched a couple dozen people from Louisiana interviewed last night, some even from the fishing business, and all of them want to continue drilling. They want the mess cleaned up, improvements to insure this doesn’t happen again and drill baby drill. They understood it’s not just about them, it’s the whole country that needs oil, and the drilling produces jobs and revenue for the state. They are looking at it rationally like I, as a Conservative, do, not emotionally like liberals do.

        And much of the damage could be prevented if the present administration wouldn’t just be thinking about not letting a good crisis go to waste. Why did they start off blocking Louisiana from building berms, etc. that could save their coast? Too much foot dragging going on.

  • http://www.cafepress.com/IVotedForSarah Gary Lindenschmitt

    Drill Baby Drill DO NOT Nuke Baby Nuke. Use Sarah Palin’s Drill Baby Drill to stop the Oil Gusher it will work if she is given the chance to talk to Obama. Our Military can plug the hole today. Shock & Awe BP with a Bunker Buster. Our Military expertise from the IRAQ OIL well tragedy is not being used, Why Not? Any coal miner or demolition team with Dynomite charge in adjacent hole drilled down 1000 ft will collape the Gulf Gusher like pinching off a straw.
    Keep up the good work Sarah maybe Obama will wake up one day and Call the Military to the Rescue. The big money lobbyists in Washinton are obscenely in Contol. Obama’s Daughter asks “Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy? No honey maybe by Xmas.” It is time to drill baby drill to 1000 ft and save the planet with Palin’s Shock and Awe small a small explosion.

  • smartie

    sara is much more knolegable than any sisentist because of he great qalifacationes.

  • Uncle B

    Sarah plays to a middle of the road bunch of poorly informed Americans who are kept confused primarily by the propagandists. It is revealing about the American average I.Q that she even exists! America is being plunged into the post oil peak era, and is witnessing the beginning of the end of the “Cheap Oil Era ” with the fiasco in the gulf! Poor Sarah got caught with her mind out of gear ad her mouth working full time with her “Drill Baby Drill” rhetoric. Fact is, America must drill more than ever and faster than ever, and right now, to save her economy from the “Second Dip Recession” that bears the great Depression in its troughs for all the Western world! America is totally dependent on a declining resource in the world – foreign oil! Time to panic Yankee Doodle! that fiat money you just undermined to save your ass from the first wave recession will not buy anything on the world market when held up to the Chinese Yuan – and that is exactly who bids against Americans, even for oil! The Canadian Tar Sands although large are very expensive to extract and may require Nuclear Heat to furnish oil at a rate usable to America! We burn a lot of oil a day, and the world’s supply is diminishing – no amount of Military force can change the fact that oil wells go dry! We cannot bomb, threaten, coerce or fight our way out of this one! We will have to convert to domestic Solar, Wave, Wind, Hydro, Tidal Geo-thermal Nuclear energies to Electricity and replace gasoline and fuel oil at all levels with this new fuel, and do so in the decades to come! – No Choice! The World is running out of cheap oil!

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