• http://www.lagatafiera.com Jackie

    I hate Obama…worst president ever!!!!

    • Karla

      … so the guy is pushing hard to fix this thing and you hate him? …..america the stupid.

      • Ron

        1/3 misinformed, not stupid. 1/3 cynical and egotistical, probably including yourself, and 1/3 that thinks they know what is going on but can’t do a damn thing to change it.

  • nicolas

    how is this a political coup for jindal when he fought against the federal govt. building the same barrier islands to help with storm protections and erosion control when he was in congress. when bush is in office and he thinks this is wasteful spending, but when obama is in office, it’s something that the state has to have? if anything, it’s a major political defeat because if hadn’t fought against protecting his own people years ago, we’d already have barrier islands in place and the oil would have never entered our marsh. jindal is as guilty as bp regarding the destruction of our wetlands.

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