• Roger


    How many roads must a man drive down, before you call him a man?
    How many seas must a pelican sail, before she can sleep in clean sand?
    Yes and how many times must oil be spilled, before it is forever banned?


    The answer my friend, is flowin’ in the gulf,
    The answer is flowing in the gulf.

    Yes and how many years can an oil rig exist, before it fails you and me?
    Yes and how many years can some people exist, in a world of dying seas?
    Yes and how many many times can you turn your head, and pretend that you just don’t see?


    Yes and how many times must a man look up, before he can see a clear sky?
    Yes and how many ears must one man have, before he can hear seabirds cry?
    Yes and how many deaths will take till he knows, that too many creatures have died?


    A free gift to the world, sing and spread widely…..
    Credit for inspiration to Bob Dylan, and credit for the subject matter to Big Oil.”

  • larry

    Here is a video on animal rights: http://meat.org

  • Joan M

    I liked this article article but I doubt BP will ever face of criminal negligence charges and please don’t slam me for writing the following, but I think it’s wiser to continue referring to all animal life in the Gulf Coast as a loss for humans. I don’t agree with it, but am being pragmatic. However, I am gobsmacked that the President Obama, the press and other media forms continue to refer to the catastrophic oil GUSHING into the Gulf of Mexico as an “oil leak.” This is NOT a leak or a spill. It is a disaster of global concern and yet media and others continue to refer to it as a “leak.” I have a leak under my kitchen sink, but a bucket catches all but a few drops… THIS is a leak…