• jalex

    are you kidding??? conservatives are not accepting this crap. There was a solid NO in senate on cap n tax and even more republicans running for office that realize its all crap. Thank God they’ll save us from the stupid eco-freaks

  • Randy

    Zachary — Appreciated your post & found it interesting to read. Unfortunately, I think you may be mistaken. Many global warming deniers–especially in the U.S.– have tied their skepticism to religious belief and hostility to secular science in general. (see Jalex post above as exhibit A.)

    This is not the sort of philosophical or scientific skepticism that you find associated with figures such as David Hume or Bertrand Russell. This is a reactionary world view that is quite impervious to scientific fact and reasoning. That is why there is often a strong overlap between individuals denying global warming and also rejecting evolution.


    I hope, however, that are right and I am wrong.

    • http://www.planetsave.com Zach

      No, I think you’re completely right. Well, I think even more of these guys (than the anti-evolution crowd) deny climate science for reasons beyond those, reasons related to coal and oil, but with the same sort of non-logical reasoning. & since writing this piece, I think we have gone backwards again… perhaps partly a seasonal thing. These guys find it easier to deny science when it’s cold outside..