• Kevin

    I live in Boulder.

    Interesting read!

    The vast majority of the trees out here aren’t lodgepole pines. Of the few lodgepole pines, some have been hit by the pine beetle, but it’s not nearly as bad as up in the high country.

    A fairly dry summer, high winds, and a jackass who drove into a propane tank are to blame for the fire. I’m no fan of invasive species, but like you said, its impact on this catastrophe is dubious at best.

  • http://www.hghreviews.org/ Alex

    FTA: “In fact, the researchers find that in some cases, swaths of beetle-killed forest may actually be less likely to burn than those without.”

    Interesting as I had read just the opposite the other day. Here’s hoping they can contain the blaze as quickly as possible.

  • http://www.idcredit.org/ Moby

    The fire is about three miles from my house, but they seem to have it pretty well under control at this point. People were aloud to return home today. Last night was a bit nerve racking with the 50+mph winds, but i guess they pulled through.

  • http://www.porntested.com/ Nikki

    What makes fires burn faster is bushes and under brush. Which is why selective harvesting is good because there is less underbrush from vehicles and such. In the past fires would burn entire forests down.

  • @motsatt

    Can you imagine the horrific wildfires we will have have if the co2 levels becomes like they will be in 2020? And the terrible irony of having a flood in one place of the world while the other part burns, is just horrible to think about.

    We humans need to think about what we are doing to this world. We can’t just live on when our wilderness is dying. I think everyone in every capital should ban co2 and shut down everything that has to do with oil!

    We can’t afford this. Our children fried without water! This is awful.

  • http://lizmartin21.bravejournal.com/ Ron

    I just signed up to your blog’s RSS feed after reading this post! Can you write more dealing with this in future articles?

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