• http://www.beyond.com NancyBeyond

    Great article Tim! You have captured the essence of the GOP and put it into language that even they could understand. I am sick to death of hearing about The Pledge to America! If the GOP really wanted to “pledge” to America, they would be spending their time actually working on the real issues and not wasting their time with a 44 page piece of nothingness!

  • Clarence Humber

    “Drill, Baby, Drill” is in opposition to the position taken by the oil companies. They realize that oil is a finite resource. They intend to get all the oil out of foreign countries while we can. At some point each country will realize that their supply is running down and will prohibit their oil from going outside their borders. The U.S. will then hold the last reserves and can turn around and sell to the highest bidders. This is more about oil companies getting the most profit than it is about them being patriotic by conserving our supplies.

  • http://www.brightstarsolar.net MA Solar Installer

    Great article, although I have to say I’m dismayed that energy legislation is a bipartisan topic. Energy efficiency standards and investments in renewable energy are the right thing to do socially, economically, and for the security of our country.