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Before they began a campaign of sending out 'swimmer-activists' in survival suits to prevent a Chevron drill ship from embarking on a journey to a deepwater oil drilling site, Greenpeace occupied the ship's anchor chain in a custom "survival pod."

From Greenpeace UK: "We've stepped up our action against the Chevron-operated drilling ship Stena Carron in the waters off Shetland where - in addition to climbers Victor and Anais on the anchor chain – a custom-built survival pod has been brought into play.

Two metres in diameter and weighing half a tonne, it's also been attached to the anchor chain. The drilling ship was due to leave shortly to drill exploratory deep water wells in the Lagavulin oil field - but now isn't going anywhere.

We're here to stop dangerous deep water drilling in UK waters, which resulted in the Gulf oil disaster earlier in the year."

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Greenpeace Attaches Survival Pod to Oil Drilling Ship (Video)