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Before they began a campaign of sending out 'swimmer-activists' in survival suits to prevent a Chevron drill ship from embarking on a journey to a deepwater oil drilling site, Greenpeace occupied the ship's anchor chain in a custom "survival pod."

From Greenpeace UK: "We've stepped up our action against the Chevron-operated drilling ship Stena Carron in the waters off Shetland where - in addition to climbers Victor and Anais on the anchor chain – a custom-built survival pod has been brought into play.

Two metres in diameter and weighing half a tonne, it's also been attached to the anchor chain. The drilling ship was due to leave shortly to drill exploratory deep water wells in the Lagavulin oil field - but now isn't going anywhere.

We're here to stop dangerous deep water drilling in UK waters, which resulted in the Gulf oil disaster earlier in the year."

Greenpeace Attaches Survival Pod to Oil Drilling Ship (Video)