• NewportMac

    This isn’t about Oil vs Clean Energy, its about a poorly crafted piece of legislation that will do more harm than good and about protecting jobs until AB32 is fixed and we can afford it.

    Very few voters have taken the time to read AB32 (the Global Warming Act of 2006) and to understand it was enacted before the facts were known about flawed climate science. AB32 is Not a pollution control Bill, its a passe Global Warming Bill.

    AB32 simply needs to strip out the Cap and Trade provision and reliance on Global Warming assumptions and its potentially a piece of leadership legislation. Sustainability, Clean Energy, and Stewardship are great goals but not at the expense of Common Sense.

    AB32 needs to eliminate the Cap and Trade provisions that promote pollution, eliminate the unnecessary oversight Fees, eliminate the reliance on flawed Green House Gas assumptions, correct the vague language that will introduce Environmental Red Tape that will do more damage than good, ensure AB32 doesn’t undermine The Rule of Law, and make non-governmental agencies like CARB accountable to the taxpayer for their mistakes.

    If the Rule of Law is allowed to become Rule by Bureaucrats using loosely defined AB32 legislation, we are all doomed.

    Vote YES on Prop 23, it makes the most sense until AB32 is fixed and we can afford it.

  • CitizenPlusPlus

    **Easy** climate change and **job creation** solution: Eliminate federal income taxes on the poor/middle classes and replace with a carbon tariff who’s fees flow directly into **local, municipal** renewable energy projects (wind, geothermal exchange, tidal, solar, no ethanol). The only Federal programs in danger of cuts are war games and bloated corporate subsidies, and in ten years **energy will be clean and dirt cheap.**

  • CitizenPlusPlus

    Vote NO on Prop 23, it makes the most sense to tax big oil and create domestic energy before we cannot afford to.