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    The planet works like any organism or animal. The more divorced from it’s natural state, the more out of balance it becomes. If you continue to feed an animal processed food, it will die. The same goes for our planet. The more you change it from it’s natural state, the more damage will happen. It’s just a much bigger organism, so it takes more time to see the damage that we all are inflicted upon it. There will continue to be natural disasters, such as the hurricanes and droughts we’ve seen. This is just Mother Nature fighting back. and she is willing to kill if necessary.

    The UK has taken some very positive steps towards reducing global warming. The Republicans horrible position on global warming is the result of too many powerful lobbyists in the US. These lobbyists greatly contribute to the campaigns of the Republican Party. However, in a general election, I believe the desire for positive environmental change by the people will win out.

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    Thanks for chiming it. Totally agree. On all issues.. just hope we are right on the public coming through for us on environmental and climate issues