• Naomi Trent

    This is absolute WORST and most BIASED piece. Aren’t people who disagree with the MISERY that OBAMA has wrought allowed to express themselves? Obama has stated many times that he hates democray and cannot work with any form of opposition. I guess its OK for the Obama team to call people who disagree with him terrorists, but if an average US Voter confronts this empty suit then its an “ambish”. Grow up, please!

  • Leo Muzzy

    I would like to know a lot more about where that woman got her “90%” facts and figures for her environmental terrorism comment. Having lived through the Earth First/Judi Bari period in California, I wouldn’t call her or Darryl Cheney your ordinary run-of-the-mill DNC member.
    I think what VP Biden was referring to was the Koch Bros. funded Citzens United undermining of the American political system and not the young lady in the greeting line.

    I would counter by saying that 99% of left-leaning environmentalist have never committed an act of terrorism and never will.

    And I don’t think Greenpeace hanging a banner at a Richmond oil processing plant is in the same league with wholesale bribery of politicians and judges.

  • http://www.dregstudios.com Brandt Hardin

    If you are Tea Party, you are a terrorist. Sarah Palin is a mouthpiece for the Tea Party which represents nothing but hatred and dissension. Her rhetoric and violence-inciting imagery IS a form of terrorism and a prime example. She held Jared Lee Loughner’s hand while he murdered people with his misguided sensibilities. I was compelled to draw a visual commentary showing her handing him the gun on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/01/sarah-palin-made-me-do-it.html She’ll go to any lengths and keep spewing her insanity for that attention (and the money of course.)

  • james

    it sounds like the presidents and his left wing cronies, cannot anybody at all that disagrees with there political agenda.

  • David

    This happened in Decorah, Ia. not Cannon Falls, Mn. Did you watch the video or are you just spewing/recycling the liberal media talking points?

    Obama was not ambushed although he didn’t have the teleprompter to tell him how to respond so in liberal terms it was probably an ambush.

    At the end of the interaction you’ll hear Obama say something like “it doesn’t sound like you want to listen”. I thought this whole tour was supposed to be a ‘listening tour’ I guess that means only listening to people who agree with you.

    • http://ecopolitology.org Timothy Hurst

      Thanks for the correction on the location, David. Although I don’t think the name of the town is in the video or is a “liberal media talking point.”

      But I appreciate your feedback nonetheless.

      • David

        Yeah, the name of the town isn’t in that big banner at the bottom of the picture.

        ‘Liberal talking points’ was referring to the rest of the article. The inaccuracies, like most liberal cookie-cutter news stories, start with the headline and end with the words Watch it:

        There was no ambush as the male tried to ask a question during the townhall and was told by Obama that he’d discuss it with him later which is where the cleverly cut AP video picks up the story. As an editor I’d think you’d be interested in telling the whole story unless you’re trying to shape the news into something it wasn’t.

  • ccjs

    This site is hilarious. All the little green people running around screaming “unfair”.

    Normal people think you are all kooks, probably not terrorists, but definitely not quiet all there.