• Gparvan

    First of all, Newt Gingrich is stumping for Anti-Obama and will say anything to put Obama down so that the Republican candidates can win.  This the time of year, where in my opinion, nothing coming from politicians can be believed.  They only care about getting elected.  Gingrich has no chance of winning the WhiteHouse but he is still shooting arrows at democrats.  
    I lean to the democrats side, but our past republican presidents have done some pretty cool things.  If only we could get the politicians to communicate what they want to do, and how they will do it, I would easily make my vote.  However, our method is to sling as much mud on the opposition to better themselves.  Sad isn’t it?

  • SC

    IMHO Obama is easy to mock. Low hanging fruit, so to speak. If he is so tone deaf that he seriously thinks the average American wants to hear about Algae as they wonder what’s he doing about gas prices – when it takes 50-100 bucks to fill the tank – Newt’s just taking advantage of what he’s being given by Obama on a silver platter. Sure, Algae could be the be-all end-all in some distant future, and (barring some downside risk that has not yet been uncovered) I’d be all for that. But right now, I’d like to be able to afford the trip to the office or to grandma’s house.  And I gotta say, Reagan algae  or Obama algae won’t cut it.