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    Doea this mean that BP is taking OUR oil from Texas and then selling it back to us at 3  or 5 times the price?  WTF?  It looks like we are selling OUR oil to other countries and then they are selling it back to us at twice the price or more so that our govt can say that the oil companies are having to pay MORE for the oil and that is why the price of gas is $5 at the pumps?  

    SO … does this mean that if we lock our borders to foreign corporations that we can pump our OWN oil from Texas and the Gulf and the West Coast and Alaska OURSELVES thus cutting the costs in half and bringing gasoline down to $2 per gallon or $2.50 maybe?

    Perhaps I’m just realizing this now and everyone else has known all along?  Why isn’t anyone yelling ans SCREAMING about this ?  Tiem to send President Obama a few million scathing emails demanding that we TAKE BACK our own oil and use it here in this country.

    If gas prices were cut to $2 per gallon our produce, grocery, and almost everything that is trucked …  prices would CRASH in half!!!