• http://twitter.com/SolarSarahDara Sarah Dara

    “Climate change is a matter of faith,” say the climate sceptics, “green actions are acts of religion – they have no place in the real world of politics and business.”  
    And they are allowed to vote and breed.

  • Planetwise

    There can be no doubt about the fact that there is climate change just about everywhere on our fragile planet. There is however no GLOBAL warming. Some areas are hotter, some are stable and some are cooler. What there appears to be a great deal of dispute about are the causes. The tracking of the north pole towards Russia and the cumulative effects of global forest loss are rarely included in calculations or even mentioned.
    How much more tropical rain escaping the tropics as a result of forest loss has to fall before the scientific sector realize the destabilizing effect this has on the planet’s climate and absorption of pollutant gases? Trees can absorb their own weight in water during a wet period…nature’s very efficient natural dam. Trees rely on many of the pollutant gases to grow!  Reduce the number of trees worldwide each year and the storms, droughts, floods, hurricanes, monsoons will increase each year. Answer…protect the trees we have and plant more.
    Carbon taxation is just another form of government taxation to pay back loans from world banks for capital projects that often fail to provide any benefit. If this taxation was all used to plant vast areas of forest, there might be some logic in this coarse of action. Since the ‘money’ loaned is fraudulently printed, the banks are the main contributors to climate change through acceleration environmental destruction and the transference of the ownership of national utilities, property and wealth in repayment for the fraudulently printed money.
    It is time to throw the money lenders out and return to sanity. Fractional reserve banking, which fraudulently ‘prints’ more money and generates huge profits only allow banks to build more and more extravagant headquarters and somehow excuse bosses to draw unethical salaries and bonuses at the expense of the rest of us and our common support system, The Earth and world ecosystem.

  • Scottcooney

    I think you may be overstating the damage they can do. There are groups everywhere called “Recovering from Religion”. There are few things that tie us to future generations like sustainability does, and that’s why there are so many similarities between sustainability and religion. I don’t think it detracts from the science. I think it adds to the power of sustainability, but it needs to be phrased such that it’s just that we’re doing the right thing for all of God’s creation, not just for the polar bears. I wrote an article about sustainability being the closest thing to religion that I have, and I do believe it’s a powerful argument whose truth may help sway people to seeing the bigger picture. Sure…some will be threatened by it, but there will always be people threatened by change. http://greenbusinessowner.com/black-velvet-if-you-please-is-sustainability-the-new-religion/