About the Editor

Ecopolitology features fresh news and critical analyses of the politics of energy and the environment. Founded by Timothy B. Hurst in 2007 as a creative outlet and informal repository for some of his graduate research ideas, ecopolitology has grown into a much larger project than he ever anticipated. After joining LiveOAK Media in September of 2009, ecopolitology opened its doors to regular contributions from several talented writers bringing their diverse passions and perspectives to this little experiment in new media and environmental politics.

Timothy B. Hurst

Tim Hurst

Tim is the executive editor of LiveOAK Media and the founding publisher of ecopolitology. Before joining the team at Live Oak, Tim was a regular contributor at CleanTechnica, Celsias, Gas 2.0 and sustainablog. When not reading, writing, thinking or talking about environmental politics and renewable energy with anyone who will listen, Tim spends his time skiing, hiking with his dog and getting dirty in his vegetable garden in the foothills near Fort Collins, Colorado.

Tim Hurst can be reached via the contact form or by sending a reply to @ecopolitologist on twitter.

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