Convert IRA To Physical Platinum

You can diversify your investment portfolio by converting your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to actual platinum. For those wishing to safeguard their retirement assets, platinum is an excellent choice because it is a precious metal that retains value. Platinum is not only a safe investment but also has great demand from various industries, including the automotive, medical, and electronics sectors.

Top 5 Gold IRA Companies for 2023 at a Glance

  • American Hartford Gold: Editor’s Choice – Best Price for Bullion (4.9/5)
  • Augusta Precious Metals: Runner up – Great Gold IRA Company Overall (4.8/5)
  • Goldco: Great Buyback Program (4.6/5)
  • Red Rock Secured: Best at Home Gold IRA (4.5/5)
  • Birch Gold Corporation: Great Staff Overall (4.2/5)

#1 American Hartford Gold: Editor’s Choice – Best Price for Bullion (4.9/5)

A well-known brand in the precious metals sector, American Hartford Gold offers investors a wide selection of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium goods. American Hartford Gold, based in Los Angeles, California, has provided clients with services for over ten years. The company aims to provide the most significant quality metals to safeguard and increase clients’ wealth. American Hartford Gold, which has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a five-star rating on Trustpilot, is continuously rated at the top of its industry and is commended for its dependability, openness, and individualized client service. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or brand-new to precious metals, American Hartford Gold offers knowledgeable advice to help you make decisions that will protect your financial future. Because of its expertise, integrity, and dedication to excellence, American Hartford Gold has earned a reputation as a reliable partner for investors seeking a secure sanctuary for their valuables. The firm is dedicated to empowering its customers.

American Hartford Gold is a popular option for investors wishing to diversify their portfolios and protect against inflation. But it has advantages and disadvantages of its own, just like any other investment opportunity.


  • American Hartford Gold is a beautiful way to protect against inflation. Investing in gold can help shield your assets against inflation because gold’s value tends to rise when currency values fall.
  • Gold has historically been regarded as a valuable commodity. Investing in gold may be a wise choice for individuals seeking long-term value.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Adding American Hartford Gold to your investment portfolio can help you achieve this goal. With its low connection to other assets, gold can help you lower risk and boost profits by being included in your portfolio.
  • Tangible Asset: American Hartford Gold is a tangible asset that you can hold onto, making it more secure than other investments that exist only online.


  • High Volatility: Gold prices can be volatile depending on your investment objectives, which can be both a good and a drawback. Gold might not be ideal if you’re seeking a reliable investment.
  • No Dividends: Since gold does not pay dividends, investing in it does not generate new income.
  • Costs associated with storage: Since gold is a physical object, it must be kept someplace. If you’re buying a substantial quantity of gold, storage fees might build up over time.
  • Restricted Growth Potential: Gold has restricted growth potential compared to other investment possibilities. Even if it can protect wealth over time, it might not produce significant returns in the long run.

In conclusion, those seeking portfolio diversification and long-term value may find American Hartford Gold a viable investment choice. Before investing, it’s crucial to consider the high volatility, absence of dividends, storage expenses, and constrained growth potential. A financial counselor should also be consulted before making any investment decisions.

#2 Augusta Precious Metals: Runner up – Great Gold IRA Company Overall (4.8/5)

Augusta Precious Metals are leading suppliers of actual gold and silver products as well as precious metals IRAs. Augusta has established itself as a reliable provider for investors wishing to diversify their portfolios with these time-honored assets thanks to its decades of experience and constant dedication to customer satisfaction. The company’s team of professionals combines sector expertise with individualized service to support clients in making wise financial decisions. Various goods are available from Augusta, including coins, bars, and bullion in the form of gold and silver, as well as IRA, accounts that let investors benefit from the tax advantages related to investments in precious metals. Regarding your level of experience or where you are in your investment career, Augusta Precious Metals can assist you in confidently navigating the challenging world of precious metals investing.


  • Customers can take advantage of these commodities’ stability and growth potential by investing in various gold, silver, and other precious metals with Augusta Precious Metals.
  • The business has a solid reputation for offering excellent customer support and educational materials to assist customers in making decisions about their portfolios.
  • Customers can feel secure purchasing and selling precious metals from Augusta Precious Metals because of its open pricing structure and dedication to ethical business practices.
  • Investors can select the delivery and storage option that best suits their needs from a variety of the company provides, including fully insured storage at a secure location.
  • Customers can get direction and advice from the team of knowledgeable precious metal specialists at Augusta Precious Metals, who can help them create a portfolio that suits their investment objectives and risk tolerance.


  • Investments in precious metals can be risky because their prices are influenced by market turbulence and other economic factors. As a result, investors could not get the profits they were hoping for and might even lose money.
  • Compared to other precious metals dealers or investment companies, some clients may find Augusta Precious Metals’ fees and charges to be greater, which could affect their overall investment returns.
  • As they are most popular among investors looking to diversify their portfolios or use them as a hedge against inflation or other economic risks, precious metal investments may not be appropriate for all investors. This implies that alternate investment strategies may benefit some investors more.
  • Customers must conduct their research and analysis when choosing precious metal assets for their portfolios because Augusta Precious Metals does not provide financial advice or particular investment recommendations.
  • Because of its focus on precious metals, the company might not provide as many investment options or services as other financial institutions, making it more difficult for clients to create diverse portfolios that fit their unique investing objectives.

#3 Goldco: Great Buyback Program (4.6/5)

Known for offering investment solutions to people looking for long-term financial security, Goldco is a reputable financial company. Goldco has emerged as a prominent option for people wishing to secure their financial futures because of its focus on providing excellent customer service and unmatched knowledge.

Since its establishment in 2006, Goldco has been a market leader, standing for dependability, honesty, and transparency. The business provides a wide range of financial products, including retirement accounts, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies, to assist people to diversify their portfolios and safeguard their investments.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to Goldco, and the business goes above and beyond to ensure each customer receives individualized care and assistance. No matter how big or little, Goldco is dedicated to assisting its clients in achieving their financial objectives with a staff of educated advisors and investment specialists.

Goldco has received various honors and awards for being a reputable and trustworthy financial institution, including an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a five-star rating from Trustpilot. Regardless of your experience with investing, Goldco is the best partner to work with as you create a stable financial future.


  • Established Reputation: Goldco has a strong reputation in the market, which is one of the main benefits of investing with them. The business has a track record spanning over a decade, and its clients rely on it for its insightful knowledge and reliable investment advice.
  • Investment diversification: Goldco offers a variety of precious metal investment possibilities to its clients, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. By diversifying your investments, you can protect your portfolio from market risks and fluctuations.
  • Goldco provides its customers with safe and secure storage facilities for their investments in precious metals. To reduce the risk of loss or theft, the organization ensures that the precious metals are kept in a safe, insured, and thoroughly audited storage facility.
  • Competitive pricing makes Goldco a popular alternative for individuals investing in precious metals. Goldco offers competitive pricing on its goods and services.


  • Limited Investment Choices: Goldco offers several precious metal investment possibilities, but it does not provide additional investment options like equities, bonds, or mutual funds. The portfolio diversity of an investor may be constrained as a result.
  • High Upfront Investment Necessary: Investing in precious metals calls for a sizable initial outlay. There might be better options for novice investors wishing to make smaller investments.
  • Annual storage and maintenance fees are among the extra costs of using Goldco’s secure storage facilities, and these expenses can accumulate and offset any investment profits.
  • Only US citizens can use Goldco’s services, which restricts the company’s scope and prospective clientele.

In conclusion, there are pros and downsides to investing with Goldco. It is desirable due to its solid reputation, investment diversification, secure storage, and affordable pricing. However, it requires a significant initial commitment and offers few investment choices. Storage and maintenance costs, and limited availability. It is crucial to weigh these pros and cons before making any investment decisions.

#4 Red Rock Secured: Best at Home Gold IRA (4.5/5)

Red Rock Secured is a leading supplier of actual precious metals for investments and wealth preservation. Red Rock Secured has built a solid reputation as a reliable source for securing people’s financial futures because of its years of market experience. The organization provides a comprehensive selection of investment alternatives, including coins and bars made of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Physical precious metals are a wise choice for diversifying their portfolio since they offer a hedge against inflation and economic instability, unlike other investment options.

The team of specialists at Red Rock Secured provides individualized assistance and education to ensure customers fully comprehend the investment process and the risks and benefits involved. Furthermore, they stand out from other precious metals suppliers because of their outstanding customer service and dedication to openness. Every part of Red Rock Secured’s operation, from their top-notch goods to unmatched customer care, demonstrates their commitment to their client’s success.


  • Red Rock Secured has a solid reputation for directly owning precious metals instead of relying on paper claims to secure such assets. Customers can ensure their investments are secure since they have tangible assets they can hold.
  • Precious metal investments from Red Rock Secured include gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. This enables investors to lower their risk and diversify their portfolios.
  • For customers who want to sell their metals, Red Rock Secured offers a repurchase program. Customers may be sure they receive a fair investment price according to the company’s fair market pricing policy.
  • Experienced brokers at Red Rock Secured have a thorough understanding of the precious metals market and can offer clients insightful advice. This is especially beneficial for clients just starting with precious metals investing.
  • Red Rock Secured is a beautiful choice for inexpensive investment alternatives because it offers competitive rates for precious metals.


  • Compared to certain other businesses in the precious metals sector, Red Rock Secured charges more significant fees. Depending on the consumer’s investment product, these costs may vary and accumulate over time, thus lowering the overall return on investment.
  • Only a few states in the United States have access to Red Rock Secured. Due to this, the company’s market is constrained, and some potential buyers can find purchasing the company’s goods challenging.
  • Red Rock Secured’s precious metals investment program is less liquid than other investment choices. This is due to the metals’ necessity for time-consuming and expensive storage and transportation.
  • The buyback program of Red Rock Secured might only sometimes provide the most excellent price for precious metals. Customers could sell their metals for more money using alternative channels, which could lower the overall return on investment.
  • Red Rock Secured may not be appropriate for those seeking a more diversified investment portfolio because it focuses primarily on precious metals. Customers may need to search elsewhere to invest in other assets, such as stocks or real estate.

#5 Birch Gold Corporation: Great Staff Overall (4.2/5)

In Burbank, California, there is a well-known precious metals dealer named Birch Gold Corporation. With years of experience, Birch Gold is renowned for its outstanding client care and dedication to providing its customers with the best investment choices. The business provides a broad selection of precious metals carefully chosen for their quality and value, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The team of experts at Birch Gold is committed to assisting clients in safeguarding and expanding their wealth through thoughtful precious metals investment. The company has an excellent reputation thanks to its openness, corporate moral conduct, and broad market understanding. Clients that work with Birch Gold have access to a reliable partner who can guide them through the complexity of the precious metals market. Birch Gold is dedicated to giving you the tools and resources you need to reach your financial objectives, regardless of whether you are an experienced investor or just starting to consider your alternatives.


  • Birch Gold Corporation has over ten years of experience in the precious metals sector, and its team comprises knowledgeable specialists. They can offer clients advice and suggestions on the best precious metal investment possibilities because of their significant experience and expertise.
  • Birch Gold Corporation offers various precious metal products, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Additionally, they offer IRA investment choices, which are uncommon in the precious metals sector.
  • High-quality Customer Service: The business places a high priority on providing exceptional customer service. They promptly address questions and issues, and their staff puts forth a lot of effort to make sure that customers are satisfied with the services they receive.
  • Birch Gold Corporation collaborates with top-notch storage facilities to keep the precious metals of its clients safe. These storage alternatives provide high levels of protection with cutting-edge equipment, armed guards, and insurance.


  • More excellent prices: Compared to other businesses in the sector, Birch Gold Corporation charges more excellent prices for its services. These costs can pile up, especially for investors who make significant money.
  • Although Birch Gold Corporation provides a wide choice of precious metals investment possibilities, their total product availability can occasionally be restricted. This is because specific metals are in great demand, which may cause client wait times to increase.
  • Lack of Online Trading: Birch Gold Corporation has the drawback of not providing an online trading platform, which may be a hassle for confident investors who prefer to manage their money online.
  • Potential for Price Volatility: Precious metals are subject to price swings like any other investment. Even though Birch Gold Corporation offers knowledgeable advice, the market can be unreliable and result in investor losses.

IRS Requirements for Platinum

Although the IRS is strict concerning its standards, it lets investors hold actual platinum inside their precious metals IRA accounts. You can possess such physical metal while enjoying the outstanding tax benefits of such retirement vehicles. It allows prospective investors to accumulate funds for retirement on either a tax-free or tax-deferred basis. Pay close attention to the guidelines provided by the Internal Revenue Service for platinum held by one of these precious metals IRAs:

  • The most explicit and essential rule is the IRS-mandated purity criteria for any platinum owned by an IRA account. These conditions mandate that the purity level of each platinum bar or coin held by a precious metals IRA must be at least.9995, or 99.95 percent.
  • Self-directed IRAs must be administered by trustees who are IRS-qualified custodians. You are free to choose any reputable broker/dealer who collaborates with one or more custodians so that they may assist you in setting up and establishing your IRA vehicle using the legal platinum bullion.
  • Investors must keep their platinum in such a retirement account in a vault depository that has received IRS approval. These vaults were created to be secure locations for keeping a significant amount of precious metals. Numerous precious metals IRA custodians and a reputable depository like Delaware Depository or Brinks Global Storage will collaborate with most bullion sellers.

IRA-approved Platinum Coins

The most well-known platinum bullion coins that the IRS permits you to include in the IRA are listed below:

  • Bullion American Eagle Platinum coins
  • Koala Platinum coins from Australia
  • Platinum Maple Leaf coins from Canada
  • Coins from the Isle of Man
  • Platinum Krugerrand coins from South Africa
  • Vienna Platinum Philharmonic coins from Austria

There are likely additional coins besides those mentioned above produced by a national government mint but adhere to the minimum fineness requirements. They might be allowed in your precious metals IRA in this situation. Remember that you require bullion that has received IRS approval while filling your new or current self-directed IRA. To be safe, avoid commemorative, numismatic, or collectible coins. Most of these types won’t be permitted in your IRA retirement assets. In addition, they are frequently outrageously costly.

IRA-approved Platinum Bars

Any platinum bars that meet the aforementioned minimum fineness requirements and are produced by an assayer and refinery that has received approval from the COMEX or the NYMEX are permitted to be retained in your platinum IRA account for precious metals. The following are the more well-known platinum bars that you can find in your IRA:

  • Bars of Valcambi Platinum
  • Platinum bars from Credit Suisse
  • bar PAMP Suisse Platinum
  • Bars of Engelhard Platinum
  • Platinum Bullion Coins NOT Allowed in an IRA

When you begin your platinum IRA investment career, you must know which coins you cannot keep in the account. Knowing which coins are acceptable to use could be just as crucial. The list of platinum coins that cannot be stored within a platinum IRA vehicle is provided below:

  • Platinum Panda coins from China
  • platinum elephant coins from Somalia
  • Switzerland Shooting Thaler platinum coins
  • Gold coins from the Cook Islands
  • Olympic Tonga Soul Proof Coins

Along with the mentioned coins, you should steer clear of any collector, numismatic, or commemorative coins. Even though these securities are indeed lovely, the IRS will not recognize them as IRA-level investments. In addition, they frequently have premium price tags that are too outrageous. Watch out for shady salespeople who try to persuade you to buy such “unique,” “limited edition,” and “rare” coins. A small percentage of them will never reach the high values required for you to break even on them because they are highly marked up.

Benefits of Investing in IRA-approved Platinum

Placing a portion of your precious metals holdings into platinum offers several advantages. These accounts never have a dollar value like 401(k)s or other American retirement savings accounts. The American dollar’s ongoing depreciation will maintain the value of the platinum you have in such an account. As the dollar’s value continues to decline, many investors turn to precious metals to protect their investments from inflation and depreciation. Platinum and other precious metals become more expensive when the dollar’s value falls, and vice versa.

The potential to make a sizable return on your investment over the long term is the other significant benefit of investing some of your retirement assets in a security renowned for shielding you from depreciation and inflation. According to several economists, the price of gold and other precious metals like platinum would rise sharply during the next ten years. Platinum, far rarer than gold and silver, makes this even more likely.

Final Thought – Convert IRA To Physical Platinum

In conclusion, converting an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to actual platinum can be a wise investment choice for those seeking a reliable and tangible asset to diversify their portfolio. Platinum has historically outperformed other precious metals and can act as an inflation hedge because of its scarcity and industrial applications. Your IRA can be quickly and securely converted into physical platinum with the assistance of a reliable precious metals firm. Before making any decisions, it is advised to seek financial advice because there are several rules and regulations to follow. In challenging economic times, investing in actual platinum through an IRA may offer investors a refuge of safety.

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