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timothy b. hurst, tim hurst, ecopolitologyI am a writer, policy analyst, and consultant living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Fort Collins, CO. This blog thing began as a way for me to organize my research ideas for my a PhD dissertation. But the blog has now developed a life of its own, and become much more than what I originally intended it to be. The more I learn about this nascent social media, the more I understand its potential for acting as a vehicle for substantive social and ecological change.

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email: tim [at] ecopolitology [dot] org

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  • TroyJMorris


    I just tried to send you an email, but it bounced back. Would you email me at troy (at) wetpaint (dot) com?

    I have a story idea that you and your readers may be interested about a project by an environmental politics class at Marquette University in Wisconsin. They’re creating a huge online-resource for green issues in their state.

    The url is http://www.greenvoting.com

  • http://none stu whittle

    Timothy read your comment at Hillheat.com looking for more people orgs who may react to Grant Hudlow CEO of Allied Science. Our federal gov’t has been operating a no emission, low temperature trash/tire facility for more than a few years now in Beulah N.D.. Unfortunately they have also wrapped a black project into facility. Plant converts trash/tire into phenol and a useable ash. 150 ton a day facility are economical to build. Six million per debugged and running in six months. Positive revenue stream up to million a week at peak operation. Jobs, revenue, inexpensive infrastructure , hell-o Obama .
    Tires being transformed into a liquid in low heat no emission application creates or at least opens the door for coal to gas/diesel. application. CO2 collection from coal power for conversion to gas/diesel is also very applicable.
    Grant will tell you this is a reality. Non linear chemistry is a new biotechnology that has wonderful endless application. Grant has statistics of the Beulah N.D. production of plant and multiple business plans.
    Two curious issues, one being the successful trash/tire facility with no knowledge by the people in power who have a business model to implement green technology to create jobs. Last coal to gas/diesel low temperature, CO2 collection converted into gas/diesel. One needs not to believe but someone (like Dr.Chu) or media should do some very serious due diligence or simple communicating.

    Tim, Grant is worth your time he has been involved in various green technologies for years long before it had a tag.

    Everyone is busy I know.
    Please small amount of your time.
    Thank you