Audio: Mitt Romney on the Enviroment

2 by Timothy Hurst

This week's Living on Earth has a good story about Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his environmental policies. Now I don't know much about Romney's enviropolitics, except for the fact that while Governor of Massachusetts, he made national headlines with his opposition to Cape Wind, the proposed offshore wind energy project off the coast of Cape Cod. It wasn't so much that his position on Cape Wind was headline-worthy in itself, but rather, that he and Senator Ted Kennedy(D-MA) were on the same side of the issue (but that post will have to wait).

Including the forum that Living on Earth hosted last fall, the radio program is covering all of the presidential candidates' stances on environmental issues. If you are not familiar with Living on Earth, I highly recommend it, especially for its rather sharp political takes. Also, Grist has compiled the candidates' views on climate and energy issues into a single handy resource with lots of links.

Photo: Fecke

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  • Rick Beyer

    I actually heard this on the radio. Here’s the short version: our former governor is for the environment, unless it requires actually doing something, in which case he is against it.

    Romney has now fallen into fourth place and single digits in the national polls. You have to know him to really dislike him.

  • Tim Hurst

    I don’t really know him, but…