• David

    A few questions, Tim –

    first, what do we know about German R&D, public or private, in renewable energy technology? very curious about that.

    second, while I’m certainly not up to speed on the German situation, i wonder if we’re comparing apples to oranges a little here. have the Germans factored in all the costs associated with fossil fuels? are there subsidies and tax breaks for things like equipment depreciation schedules one doesn’t see for renewable energy equipment? what about transmission costs?

    finally, i’m not sure price difference is such a bad idea. Shouldn’t we have an accurate assessment of what clean energy costs? is there a system we can develop that holds consumers accountable for their energy choices – e.g., those who choose fossil fuels incur the cost of carbon offsets etc? In the end, wouldn’t all this prompt more conservation?

  • http://ecopolitology.org Timothy B. Hurst

    David – Thanks for jumping in on this. You raise some excellent points. The Germans have spent a lot of money on R&D in wind and solar (as well as other renewables). I believe that is mostly in the form of private investment, but I’m certain there are German universities studying renewable technology.

    Your last suggestion is a good one, but I imagine it would be an accounting nightmare! I know I wouldn’t want to implement something like that!