• alissa laughlin

    “Human nature will not flourish, any more than a potato, if it be planted and replanted, for too long a series of generations, in the same wornout soil.”

  • Julia Nelson

    What is right with the environment? Where is remains, its beauty is remarkable. It’s strength, and integrity run deep. What’s wrong with the environment is civilization and our blind arrogance as we over indulge, and waste. What we need is to take a lesson from cultures who respect every part of life with equality and consideration. We need to embrace a culture of reciprocity, and we must do it from within ourselves.

  • Haley McArtor

    As an Environmental Science major, yet a conservative i get to see both sides of the issue. At first I was confused where to stand, but after traveling along the coast of North Carolina for a class, studying the coastal issues that affect our state, I realized that it’s so selfless that people are struggling to save what’s little left of the natural earth because they are doing it for our societies future. The worst thing about the environmental movement, is that too many are uninformed and don’t understand how deep the problem we face today is. I want to change this by spreading the word to the masses.

  • Todd Dix

    I belive that we are headed in the right direction to educate the people. However nobody wants to do the saccrifice or the work. we all know that fossil fuel consumptoin is at an all time high. Yet we still drive to the neighbors a couple houses down. We need less talk and more action. Myself included. However there are so many other thing besides gas we need to focus on. Its like the media can just focus on one problem at a time. What about landfills. Or pollution. You dont hear about these anymore.

  • Garye Merrill

    I am truly passionate about our environment and seeing the beauty in all that is. We live in a world where money overpowers everything and people are being slowly murdered daily from the toxins, pills, genetically altered food, and poisons we put in the air. Whether it is chemtrails or electromagnetic pollution from cell phones, it is also the government that does not tell people the world is truly dying and global warming is rapidly occuring. I have faith and hope that there are enough of us left who appreciate the earth and everything it gives us. It is life.

  • Scott Neuenschwander

    What is right about the movement today is that people are showing that they care. We as a people are finally coming together to help save, and improve the condition of our world for ourselves, as well as for future generations. If remain active for this cause, we could do some amazing stuff. What is wrong about the movement is that so many people are just ignorant or arrogant about the issues. If they were informed about the facts of what is happening, I think they we could come together and improve this world for everyone, present and future.