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    Good news on the U.S. alternative energy adoption front- more wind generated power growth in the last two years than the previous twenty.

  • Slingy

    You cannot compare last two years to the last 20 because there practically was no development going on for the last 20 years. Also US cannot be compared to countries like Germany. US has a huge chunk of a continent. It’s a huge country. If you have to compare, compare the US with Europe as a whole. Let’s see at the numbers there ;)

  • http://superfunscience.com Manysounds

    Excellent! Keep up the good work everyone!

  • http://www.olmec.co.nz Olmec Sinclair

    Now, if the population was lower and personal consumption less things would be starting to look up….

  • http://www.tokyomuslim.com JBM

    That’s a great sentiment Olmec, perhaps you can start by shedding your life in a peaceful gesture towards the creation of a utopia.

    Or was it other “populations” that should be trimmed?

  • http://ecopolitology.org Timothy B. Hurst

    JBM- I think what Olmec is saying is that wind power is great, but if it only goes to support growing energy needs and increased consumption, then it is only a stop-gap measure. We need long-term solutions to our growing energy demand. And Olmec’s not unreasonable suggestion is seems perfectly valid.

    To suggest that he is saying current lives should be shed is not a fair characterization.

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