• Uncle B

    Ontario’s government has had a severe kick in the ass now that they are strapped for cash and no longer are “manufacturers to the world”. This title now goes to China. Nuclear technology costs big bucks they no longer have! Consequently, they will have to dismount their arrogance steeds, and kiss the asses of small time, low capital energy producers, once spurned, treated in shabby fashion and even discouraged by the high riders of that conceited regime! One fellow, a pig farmer near Ironprior brought fine German technology to Ontario Hydro’s door-step only to be fu*ked up the ass with Liberal government ‘s specialty, a red taping even Santa would marvel at! Not so now! They are humbled by a look at their own books and the fact that Ontario has little other than the wind left to exploit for much needed power! Nice to see these arrogant bastards brought to their knees, better to see them prone and begging for small folk to help instead of screwing taxpayers for fancy “Studies” in Europe for their friends and families!

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  • elmo

    WOOOOW.!…thats HUGE.!…didnt kno they were THAT big…=O….

  • Darrel

    how much does each wind turbine cost to finish and how many house’s does each one supply?