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    Finally the american economic has found ways to establish alternative energy sources. As we know, we humans are in need of distinguishing ourselves in innovations concerning techologies which are not based on burning fossil fuels that polute the earth’s atmosphere and so the entire planet.
    Additionally, in the case of Vestas offering jobs, it will help the american (and the worlds) economy. So why nuclear power plants if you can have clean energy??

  • Travis Seilheimer

    I filled out an application a couple weeks ago I’m just trying to follow up on it.I am most interested in working at the plant and maybe working my way into the assiociates degree.It would be my pleasure to start working towards the survival of our species.Im very motivated in things such as “THE VENUS PROJECT”and clean energy so I hope to hear back from you,if not thankyou for taking a step in the right direction.
    Travis Seilheimer