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    I’m glad to see they finally introduced this legislation. I hope that it ultimately passes and I’m glad they are de-emphasizing cap and trade.

    I’m a big believer that passing a watered down bill is much better than passing no bill at all.

    I wonder if this legislation goes to a final vote in the winter months though if this is the best timing…. I’m all for doing it sooner, but a hot summer vote might implicitly drive home the point a little more.

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    Nothing like going with feel-good political correctness in running the country.

    The EPA made carbon dioxide into a pollutant by claiming that it was causing global warming. Then they took the next step of claiming that the polar bear population in the Arctic is threatened by loss of ice, which they also claimed is essential to their survival. And the third step was to declare that the polar bear is a threatened species, due to the logic in steps one and two.

    We now have 10 years of temperature data indicating that the global temperatures are NOT continuing to increase, although the NOAA scientists charged with monitoring that data are doing everything in their power to make it look as though the global temperatures are still increasing. They are cherry-picking which data to include, and which to exclude, from the global records. They are ignoring obvious siting problems with stations across the country. They are biasing the data from properly sited sites to match the upward trends at compromised sites.

    We have polar bear researchers who are ignoring the growth of almost all the polar bear populations, and ignoring the fact that the only populations decreasing in size are compromised by excessive hunting pressure, not loss of habitat. To further this viewpoint, they have prohibited an eminent researcher in the field from even attending their latest conference, because he does not ascribe to the man-made global warming is causing the problem myth.

    We have man-made global warming scientists totally ignoring the evidence that Arctic sea ice is recovering from the 2007 summer minimum, even as the ambient CO2 record continues to increase. Meanwhile, Antarctic ice is increasing in extent and volume.

    We have concrete proof that some of these same scientists cherry-picked critical tree ring data to indicate a rapid warming trend over the second half of the last century, in order to precipitate the U.N. IPCC into pushing for CO2 controls.

    People, man-made global warming is a myth. Your government is now trying to put administrative regulations into place to force actions before the bubble bursts and the science proving it is a myth becomes generally known to the public. After all, once a government program is in effect, IT NEVER GOES AWAY.

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