• Rick Jordan

    The argument that a dominant horizon view of wind factories will not diminish real estate values is silly. I own a lake front cottage and know many others — all of whom are against a view of wind factories. That is more legitimate than a biased study by the DoE. Positive features that enhance real estate values are generally advertised. I can’t imagine a horizon dominated by a wind factory as being touted as a reason to buy.

    Of course, this is not the main argument against wind factories in Lake Michigan. There are plenty of sound environmental and economic reasons for not locating a wind factory in Lake Michigan. As a start, see: http://www.windaction.org/.

    • Gautam Sethi

      Rick, what you call an “argument” is really a data-driven finding of the study. Perhaps the finding is invalid. If so, you can read the assumptions and the methods of the study and make a case for which of these is invalid.

      Just because you and “many other” owners feel that your property value would get diminished in the presence of wind facilities is totally consistent with the results of this study. Let me explain. Suppose you own a car which you can sell for $10,000. Now assume someone comes along and paints your car red, a color you abhor. This does not necessarily mean that the value of your car has been diminished – it is still possible that you may be able to sell your car for $10,000 (or even higher). This is simply because someone else might love that color on your car and be willing to pay $11,000 for it. Or, the new color may not bother them at all and they are still willing to pay $10,000. Thus, even if you and other car owners all dislike the color red on your cars, they may or may not diminish in value, depending on whether others folks like that color on your car. If no one likes it, the car will certainly decrease in value. But it is just as possible that there are enough buyers for whom the color of your car is either not an issue, or who might actually prefer that color.

      Again, just because you don’t like wind facilities doesn’t mean the whole world doesn’t like them as well. :-)

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    I would think that the property values would increase, especially in cases where the laandowners are receiving lease payments from companies that own the windmills.

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  • Bruce

    Maybe we are not asking the right question. Where is the best wind resource? Whole towns have been moved to make way for hydro-power projects! A world with 9.5 billion people and diminshing fossil fuels by 2050 is going to need to utilize all available energy resources in an efficient way. That includes water and food.