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  • Cardinal

    Whalers should be shot on sight.

  • likwidshoe

    Anti-whalers aren’t looking too bright here. Someone should send them to a remedial physics course where that they can learn what happens when superior mass and speed collides into something of smaller mass and slower speed.

    • Chris

      Interestingly, the video shows the Adi Gale dead in the water, with the Shonan Muru heading on a course that would easily clear the smaller vessel.

      The reason for the collision was not ignorance of the physics, but the rapid course change by the Shonan towards the smaller boat – which again is DIW at the time.

      I spent 13 years at sea as a US Navy surface warfare officer, and any court that does not find the Shonan’s captain guilty of reckless endangerment is clearly being paid off by the whaling industry.

      Previous harassment by the Sea Sheppard vessel nothwithstanding, the Shonan appears to have intentionally destroyed a vessel with 6 crew members in the Antarctic. This was a malicious and irresponsible act on the part of the Japanese, that could have easily resulted in the death of that crew.

      • BlindPilot

        Look again at the water just stern of Adi Gale. It is calm when there is enough clearance for the ships to not colide; then the water shows forward prop thrus of the Adi Gale thrusting forward. Fault is Adi Gale’s which is held up by all independent review bodies.

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  • Mimim

    You can clealy see the whalers boat turn towards the smaller boat just before it struck it.

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