• Geoff N.

    Bravo. Now we just need to kick these bastards out of Washington and we’ll be set.

  • Mayfly

    Who doesn’t like true love? And who has truer love than Senators’ and lobbyists’ love of money and power?

  • http://www.rentadrone.com Dave

    so glad the site makes politicians as guilty as everyone else. In fact the politicians play all three roles – they retire to become lobbyists or join the companies from who they received donations. The site left out the cronies at the EPA, all former politicians, lobbyists or industry personnel. As I learned in Food Inc., the regulatory bodies are as corrupt as everyone else.

    Same goes with the military-industrial-congressional complex. Yes, congress is involved as well. Eisenhower left off the “missing C” to avoid insulting his friends. Watch Fog of War to learn more.

  • http://www.personalassistantjobs.net personal assistant jobs

    Ha! Morality … of lack thereof.

    I love the spoof!

  • http://QUICKDATESERACH.INFO Catherine Dern

    i really enjoyed reading this keep up the good work

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