• TStan

    I don’t fully appreciate your commentary because it is too overtly challenging to a company of individuals (Al-Queda) who possess strictly limited resources in comparison to the mostly North American troups occupying the Middle East.

    “Good to see they’re engaging in some risk-benefit analysis,” is perhaps too sarcastic and essentializing of a comment based on what has been happening in the Middle East. “They” are human beings, who, yes, have struck at the United States. But the United States has struck back in fine style, we cannot forget that. Nor can we forget the massive expense, and future expense, of this endeavour as Iraq remains occupied and Canadians are again coerced into extending the stays of troops in Afghanistan.

    It is an interesting article you have posted, I just think at times comes across as facetious, and I don’t think that the comparison to Vietnam at the end holds much water. More than anything, it might stir up a bit of undue alarm.

  • Lou WOods

    Somehow I dubt it, they are all too full of themseves.


    • Fredrik

      who is too full of themselves exactly?

  • pooya

    First of all the internationally accepted name for the Gulf is not Arabian Gulf, it has been, it is, and will always be “Persian Gulf”.
    Second, as long as the rulers in that region are not bound to any moral standards other than their grip on power and money and the wars are seen as pretence to domination of the regions resources and not the cause of freedom, then these moral gestures are just that “empty gesture” and nothing more.

  • Ehsan

    Arab gulf in Egypt? Too far from Kuwait & Iraq
    [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabs_Gulf ]

    Given the I wonder how much more of this article is accurate.

  • http://broderm.bloggsida.se Brother M

    If all muslims lived by the ethichs of the Quran, then Islam would have been like a rose in the desert. If the entire world lived by them, Then evil would have no place here… The sad truth is that even though Islam remains perfect as it is, the muslims themselves claim to act in the name of Allah SWT, when they in fact acts agains the entire religion…It all comes down to lack of knowledge..

  • Skeptic

    Trying to trick one eco-fool convert to islam at a time – see Taqiyya and Kitman!

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