• Ted

    I’m curious as to how the SSCS plans on identifying the poachers from the people who are fishing legally. Targeting whalers is easy – there are only a handful of them. If you see a boat out there in the Antarctic, they are probably whaling. But, there are hundreds of fishing boats out in the Mediterranean, and not all of them are fishing for bluefin. How will they tell the difference between a tuna poacher and a squid fisherman?

  • Brian

    These are the type of people that will spike a tree and kill a human being who is just trying to make a living in order to save a tree. They are such douches.

  • Jaluk

    Poor ship driving skills, now coming to your local coast.

  • http://www.oneworldtosee.com/ Walin

    If they try to pull the same ***** in the Mediteranean like they tried to do with the japanese, they are going to get a whole different result. Japanese try not to be so aggresive due to their nature to look politically correct and avoid trouble. Mediteranean countries are no pussy! They are going to bust their asses and then deal with what happens afterwards…. not to mention it’s ***** Tuna, not whales… everyone loves to eat tuna!

  • http://www.kindnessinc.org/ David

    Interesting article. I had bluefin tuna in one of the Japanese Restaurants some time back and it was delicious.

  • George Washington Hayduke

    David is an example of the kind of insensitive ecologically ignorant type of human being that is destroying this planet. Eat the oceans and when the oceans die, we all die. Thanks David, you arrogant suicidal dipshit. And Brian, no one has ever been killed by a tree spike bozo boy. Get an education or shut up about things you know nothing about. Go Sea Shepherds. At least a few people give a fig for this planet.

  • Ed Miller

    If the West isn’t awake enough to care about the Mediterranean, the other seas are doomed. The bluefin is a magnificent fish whose existence depends on educated people showing a moderate level of concern for the well-being of one of the more manageable seas on the planet. This is a hearty fish whose disappearance is an indicator that industrial fishing is OUT OF CONTROL. Can we show a LITTLE self-control as consumers and democratic citizens and let this species exist outside of Japanese freezers? The Sea Shepherd crew is confronting what I hope will be a pivotal indicator of how ASLEEP the sushi-loving vanguard of our consumerist culture is. Maybe a few observers will connect the dots between the bluefin and their priorities as consumers, breadwinners, and citizens.

  • cassy

    Check out this tear jerker video of Paul Watson talking about why he became an Activist. http://bit.ly/aoT9fS

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