• http://levinovey.com Levi Novey

    I didn’t have time to watch or see any of the sound bites yet. What is your read on it, Tim? Is Obama doing enough– or at least will his efforts placate those people complaining that the administration isn’t doing enough?

  • http://ecopolitology.org Timothy B. Hurst


    So hard to say if the Obama administration is doing “enough”. The problem — in addition to stopping the leak and responding to the massive amounts of oil in the Gulf of Mexcio — is a structural one. The offshore oil and gas industry is essentially self-regulated and they have a mostly favorable record over the last few decades. However, we’ve gotten complacent as offshore drillers move into deeper waters. The federal government simply is not prepared to respond to the technical demands this leak is presenting, we have to leave that part in BPs hands.

    I have heard mixed reports about the federal response — and anything I would add would be mere speculation. I will add that President Obama has the opportunity to take this event and make it a pivot point in national energy policy. This massive oil spill/leak could be the galvanizing event that this country needs to start fundamentally restructuring our energy policy.